Uncover Valuable Field Insights
Uncover Valuable Field Insights
Use data to understand performance on every field

Evaluate crop performance

Use digital maps to compare critical field data layers and determine how agronomic practices can impact yield. Generate crop performance reports and pick the best varieties for next season.

Compare Maps Side‑by‑Side
Compare side‑by‑side yield, planting, field health maps and more, to monitor crop performance and better understand field variability.
Yield Analysis
Easily analyse performance by variety, soil type, or field, so you can make the best decisions for next season. Export reports to print or share with your agronomic partners.
Field Region Analysis
Determine how different agronomic practices impact yield by circling a region on your field map to generate a crop performance report.

Stop problems before they start

Find out what’s happening beyond the end rows with imagery that can help you identify issues early and prioritise scouting. Climate FieldView™ uses a proprietary process to deliver consistent, high-quality satellite images so you can identify in-season challenges and take action to protect yield.

Prioritise scouting activities
Use vegetation maps that feature advanced color mapping to understand the level of crop growth across your operation and prioritise which fields to scout first.
Use scouting maps to spot potential issues within a field and drop geo-located pins. Share with agronomic partners to take action and save valuable time.
Use true colour overlay to view a real-world image of your field. Compare it to vegetation and scouting maps to help identify clouds, ponding and other changes in your fields.