Maximise Your Productivity
Manual Rate Seeding
Maximise yield with easy seed prescriptions

Create scripts tailored to your fields

Manual prescriptions help you to leverage your field data, uncover valuable field insights and optimise your inputs. With manual prescriptions you can create variable rate or multi-seeding prescriptions in minutes with simple, easy-to-use tools.

Improve your Productivity
Use multiple data layers to easily create customised seeding prescriptions with manual scripting.
Make the most of your seed investment
Use your historical field data, combined with proprietary field testing results, to generate planting scripts tailored to your unique yield or profitability goals. All scripts are fully customisable.

Export and Plant

Easily export your prescription to the Climate FieldView™ Cab App, to MyJohnDeere, or download and execute on your equipment of choice.

Get Your Data in One Place

Multiple options for easy field data collection